Outbound Telemarketing (B2B)

Tribiz India have an experienced team that understands B2B transactions and how they differ from the consumer market.

Our outbound telemarketing experts are ready to present your business in the best light, forging new relationships with business partners and other companies and assisting in generating quality commercial leads.

There are several key differences when focusing outbound telemarketing services towards businesses over the consumer market. Speaking with the right people, the decision makers, and getting past business ‘gatekeepers’ is how we secure you with new tangible business opportunities.

Bypassing receptionists, secretaries and assistants and speaking with those who are genuinely interested in your product or service, from a business perspective, is what our B2B telemarketers specialize in.

Our team will open new doors in your industry and those related so that you can increase your brand exposure and form mutual, beneficial sales partnerships with applicable businesses.

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